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“A place to capture, share and showcase your learning journey.”

This is Ultranet’s personal learning space featuring portfolios, blogs and the social learning network.

Think of it like a traditional learning journal or display folder, but one that is much more easily shareable and with much richer types of content.


 Safe social networking

Learning is a social process, and the Web is a social place… so why not bring the two together? The uSpace network built-in to Ultranet is essentially a safe, school-controlled social network that provides users with a place to share and catalogue their learning journey.

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 Personal profiles

One of the key advantages of having a social network as part of the online learning environment is that students get to have a space that they can call their own. The personal profile area in uSpace is about fostering that ownership and ensuring that each student’s individuality can be expressed.

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All learning journeys are comprised of individual experiences, draft and completed work samples or products, and sometimes even reflections on these—these are the artefacts of learning. The uSpace Portfolio provides a secure and integrated way to store, manage and share such learning artefacts in a dynamic and collaborative journal style.

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 Media sharing

With the increasing ease and availability of media-capture devices, learning artefacts have started to diversify to include photos, videos and even audio recordings capturing student experiences. The uSpace Media section essentially brings the Media Gallery module from Ultranet’s pages and embeds a personal one on your own profile page, so users can upload and share media artefacts easily.

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The learning process is a constructive process and often involves moments of reflection and review, and often keeping a journal or log of learnings is the best way to achieve this. The uSpace Blogs provide a simple way to facilitate this function and integrate it with the personal profile/portfolio.

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 User messaging

Improved communication is one of the natural spin-offs from harnessing web-based technology to support online learning. The Message Centre available to all users on the Dashboard provides a centralised and tracked area for managing asynchronous communication between students, teachers and parents.

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Subscription plans

*NOTE: The minimum monthly subscription for all plans is $50/month.