Ultranet 2.7 released

by Tim N  •  9 Feb 2015  •  News, Product

Fresh features for 2015

Shared Online Learning Hubs

by Sandy  •  7 Nov 2014  •  Pedagogy, Showcase

Use Ultranet Webpages and Virtual Classrooms to develop shared online learning zones for all ages and stages – connect to curriculum, communicate, and share ideas amongst your staff, students and community.

Using 3rd party tools to add interest to your website homepage

by Sandy  •  30 Sep 2014  •  Product

This post looks at 5 tools that can be used to boost the wow factor of your Ultranet website.

How to make your Ultranet Website look great!

by Sandy  •  15 Sep 2014  •  Pedagogy, Showcase

A closer look at how to build an Ultranet home page with impact.

Future Focused Community Engagement

by Sandy  •  12 Aug 2014  •  Pedagogy, Showcase

This blog explores the theme of Home / School Partnerships further and takes a brief look into why it is so important to engage with our community and what this engagement might look like.

Flipping a Lesson with Integrated Tasks

by Sandy  •  20 Jun 2014  •  Pedagogy, Showcase

Keen to trial the flipped classroom model? The Tasks module in the Ultranet classroom makes a great (and simple) starting point.

Building Home / School Partnerships

by Sandy  •  17 Apr 2014  •  Pedagogy, Showcase

Your school website and Ultranet virtual classroom can provide the perfect starting point to connect with your community and engage with your whānau.

Announcing the Win8 mobile app

by Tim N  •  29 Nov 2013  •  News

We’re very excited to announce that a Windows 8 App for Ultranet will be available from the start of term 1 next year.

Read all About it…

by Sandy  •  26 Nov 2013  •  Pedagogy, Showcase

An excellent example of how elearning has been used by children to promote home /school partnerships and to engage with whanau and community beyond the classroom. Read all About It!

Bring uSpace alive with a Roar

by Sandy  •  7 Nov 2013  •  Pedagogy, Showcase

At St Marks Church School, in Mt Victoria Wellington, Claire Francis has taken a traditional and simple idea of the “Travelling Toy” and put a 21st century twist on the learning. Claire’s class of Year 2 students have developed a learning community around “Leo the Lion” in uSpace.

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